Underfloor heating is much more affordable than many people think and is no longer just a luxury option for the super-rich. In fact, installing underfloor heating can actually save you money by helping to reduce your energy bills as well as having the potential to increase the value of your property. The different types of systems available means underfloor heating can easily be fitted to both new and existing homes, meaning everyone can have the benefits of heat under their feet.


In spite of their popularity, radiators are actually a relatively inefficient way to heat a room. They only directly heat to the space immediately around them meaning you must have your system set relatively high in order to successfully heat an entire room. This wastes energy and can also leave you with significant differences in temperature across a room. Because heat rises, a large percentage of the warmth generated by a radiator can also disappear through your ceiling rather than going where you want it.

By comparison, an underfloor heating system provides even heat across a room, with the warmth it produces rising uniformly to give a constant temperature throughout the space with no cold spots. Because these systems provide direct heat over wider area, you can keep your heating at a lower setting while still achieving a comfortable temperature. This means you use less energy and so can potentially save money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Other advantages: 

• Underfloor heating can be used under stone, tiles, wood and even carpet.

• Systems can easily be fitted in both new builds and existing homes.

• Doing away with radiators frees up wall space allowing you to use your rooms more flexibly.

• The joy of feeling a warm floor under your feet on a cold day really can’t be overstated!


Underfloor heating can be fitted throughout your home, but is especially popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

Kitchens can benefit enormously from the extra wall space which can then be used for cabinets and white goods, while the luxurious feeling of stepping out of the shower or bath onto a heated floor is unbeatable.

Conservatories are another great place to have underfloor heating, so that you can use them all year round.


Sometimes referred to as a ‘wet system’, water-based underfloor heating uses pipes connected to your boiler to spread warm water around your home for heating. This is a highly efficient way of delivering heat, allowing you to run your boiler at a lower temperature than with traditional radiators. Wet systems usually cost more to install the dry systems, but tend to have lower running costs over their lifetime so should end up saving you money.

The pipes used for this type of system do take up more space than the electric variety, so this has to be taken into account in your building design and can make retrofitting to an existing home harder. Wet systems are most commonly used in new builds where the extra space needed can easily be planned into the construction.


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