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Envirogas are OFTEC Registered, to Install, Service and Repair Oil Boilers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

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We are OFTEC Registered Engineers, installing Oil Boilers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall. The OFTEC Association (Oil Firing Technical Association) is a trade organisation which recognises competence for people who work with oil fired appliances, including boilers. We offer a comprehensive service for Oil Boiler installation, catering to households across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall that aren’t connected to the primary gas grid or wish to be independent.

Oil Boilers Explained

Oil Boilers are an efficient alternative to gas for providing central heating and domestic hot water to properties by using oil as the primary fuel source. These boilers are particularly well-suited for properties without access to the main gas supply, as they rely on oil stored in an on-site tank.

In terms of functionality, Oil Boilers operate similarly to other boiler types. Oil is a notably an energy-efficient and cost-effective fuel choice for running your central heating system. Whilst the variety of Oil Boilers available in the current market may not be as extensive as other options, there is still an excellent selection when considering an Oil Boiler installation; we often recommend Worcester Bosch or Navien for Oil Boilers as we find these to be the most efficient and effective.

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What to Expect

The duration of an Oil Boiler installation can vary, based on the complexity of the job. Simple installations can typically be completed in a single day, while more intricate projects may require a longer timeframe. One of our engineers will be able to give you a general schedule before they start work so you know what to expect.

The cost of an Oil Boiler installation is influenced by several factors, with the project’s complexity playing a significant role. For instance, if you need new pipework or additional radiators installed, this may contribute to higher installation costs. Similarly, replacing a water tank can also lead to an increase. It is important to discuss these specific requirements and associated costs with our team to receive an accurate estimate for your unique installation.

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