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 Envirogas install, service and repair LPG Boilers in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall.

Do You Need LPG Boiler Installation?

If you live in one of the four million homes across the UK that don’t have access to the mains gas grid, then an LPG Boiler Installation could solve all your problems.

What is an LPG Boiler?

An LPG Boiler is a heating system that uses Liquid Petroleum Gas as its primary fuel source, which is stored in an external tank for on-demand supply. Thanks to its high density as a liquid compared to a gas, LPG can be stored in relatively small containers, making it a practical choice for many property sizes.

Envirogas installs, services, and repairs LPG Boilers in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall. LPG tanks can be installed underground, reducing their visibility. Typical LPG tank capacities range from 1000 to 2000 litres, providing flexibility in choosing the right size for your needs. The UK market has a diverse selection of LPG Boilers; Envirogas are happy to guide you into making the correct decision for your property.

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Off the Grid

Similar to Gas Boilers and Oil Boilers, LPG Boiler Installations work with various boiler types, including combi boilers, conventional boilers, and system boilers. LPG boilers are often used with renewable energy sources such as Solar Panels, enhancing their eco-friendliness. Using solar panels and LPG boilers together could yield enough energy and hot water to run your house entirely off the grid! But on a smaller scale, it will make your house a bit more eco-friendly.

Opting for an LPG boiler installation can produce some of the lowest CO2 emissions among off-grid properties, typically emitting around 20% less CO2 than oil boilers. While LPG boilers are cost-effective to install compared to oil boilers, it’s worth noting that their operational costs may be slightly higher.

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