Gas Appliance Installation Plymouth

Gas Safe Registered Engineers, well-equipped to handle a wide range of Gas Appliance Installations in Plymouth, Devon, and Cornwall.

Expert Gas Appliance Fitters

Whether you require the installation of a new Range cooker, a gas hob, or the connection of a gas fire or heater, call our friendly team. We take pride in delivering a professional, high-quality service you can rely on.

Gas Fires and Water Heaters

Gas fires offer a convenient, cost-effective, and contemporary alternative to traditional log fires and wood-burning stoves. Modern and stylish gas-fire designs can complement your decor and provide cosy warmth throughout the winter. We specialise in fitting a wide range of gas fires, from flueless gas fires and inset fireplaces to wall-mounted options, offering you an additional heat source for your home.

Just like any Gas Appliance Installation in Plymouth, it is crucial to ensure that your gas fire is professionally installed. This guarantees proper ventilation, a secure connection to the gas supply, and reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be a severe health hazard and, in some cases, fatal. Envirogas is proud to employ Gas Safe Registered Engineers, giving you peace of mind knowing that our services meet the highest safety standards and certifications.

Gas Appliance Installation Plymouth - Fireplace - Envirogas

Gas Hob and Cooker Installations

When installing a gas hob or cooker, it’s imperative to use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to ensure safety, compliance with legal standards, and correct installation. At Envirogas, our Gas Engineers will visit your home and safely disconnect your old appliance by turning off the gas supply. This precautionary step minimises the risk of gas leaks during the installation process. We will also remove the old appliance for the new cooker or hob.

We will connect your new appliance to the gas supply and rigorously test it to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Additionally, we will ensure that your gas cooker is installed with a safety chain to limit movement. This means that in the case of a freestanding cooker being moved, such as for cleaning, the gas pipe cannot dislodge or detach from the stove.

Gas Appliance Installation Plymouth - Gas Hob - Envirogas

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