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Air Source Heat Pumps

One of the critical advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps is their remarkable efficiency. When designing a system to operate effectively with a heat pump, various factors including pipe sizing, radiator dimensions, underfloor heating, and hot water cylinders need to be considered. Unlike traditional boilers, heat pumps require a more intricate setup.

What is an air source heat pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are sometimes called an air-to-water source heat pump. It works by transferring heat from the outside air to water, heating the rooms in your home through radiators or underfloor heating. It can also be used to heat up the water stored in a hot water cylinder, which can then be used for your showers, hot taps, and baths. Air source heat pumps are suitable for many types of homes and are the most common type of domestic heat pump, with tens of thousands of installations across the UK. 

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Air Source heat Pump installation Plymouth - Heat Pumps Plymouth - Envirogas

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Plymouth

It is becoming increasingly common to replace a boiler with a heat pump in an existing heating and hot water system. When designed and installed correctly, a heat pump system should be approximately four times more efficient than a modern condensing boiler.

Air Source Heat Pumps utilise a fan to draw in air, extracting the heat it contains. A compressor pressurises the refrigerant within the pipes, lowering its boiling point. The heat extracted from the air causes the compressed refrigerant to boil. In residential settings, this heat is transferred to another heating circuit, circulating through your home to warm up radiators and your hot water cylinder.

Envirogas are MCS Certified, meaning that should you choose us to install your heat pump, you will be eligible for Government Grants, to help towards the cost of installation.

Air Source heat Pump installation Plymouth - Installed Heat Pump - Envirogas

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