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About Us: We are CHAS, MCS, and Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers and Plumbers in Plymouth.

The Birth of Envirogas – How It All Started

Liam Foster and Alex Ridge, Directors of Envirogas, were once owners of two separate Plumbing & Heating businesses.  They joined forces to form one of Plymouth’s leading companies in Gas, Heating & Plumbing Services.  Read about their story…

About Envirogas

About Us - Envirogas Headquarters - Envirogas

Envirogas emerged as an amalgamation of shared values and a forward-looking commitment to sustainability. June 2020 was a significant milestone for us, as it marked the union of KB Boiler & Controls and FlameSafe. We merged our businesses, efforts and expertise to form Envirogas. The main catalyst for this collaboration was a substantial commercial project in Plymouth, where our separate teams worked well together, and complemented each other’s skills. The alignment in work ethics and a shared commitment to precision between us became apparent during this project.

Even though this was the first time we had worked together on a project, we had known each other through the industry for several years.

The Merge

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Originally known as FlameSafe Southwest and KB Boiler & Control LTD Plumbing & Heating Engineers, Envirogas was created. The birth of the name “Envirogas” stemmed from a thoughtful consideration of our collective vision. We wanted a name that could evolve with the progressing landscape of rules and regulations, whilst steering towards a greener future. We both had the same mindset regarding the industry’s trajectory, while still holding onto our core focus regarding the gas business that had been our primary source for years.

When it comes to finding a reliable domestic or commercial Heating Engineers or Plumbers in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, look no further. With years of service in both plumbing and heating sectors, Envirogas brings a wealth of expertise and extensive knowledge to the table. The company has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellent work, thanks to its necessary qualifications, experience and dedication to quality, along with exceptional customer service.

The Envirogas Team


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A fully qualified Gas Engineer, Alex is a Company Director with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Alex, like Liam, is focused on delivering quality work at a competitive price. He is driven in his approach to customer satisfaction and intends for Envirogas to become the chosen Plumbing and Heating Engineer company for Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.


About Us - Liam Envirogas - Envirogas

A fully qualified Gas Engineer, Liam is a Director of the Company and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Liam’s focus is on building a solid team to meet the needs of customers in all aspects of the Heating industry. Liam recognises that in these uncertain times, Envirogas must deliver “Value for money” and is building a team to demonstrate this.

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